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December 31st, 2035

09:20 am - [RULES]

Welcome to Fandom at a Glance, a community designed for those of us who have, at some point or another, not known about something that everyone else has and wanted to find out; we are here to help those of us who might not know everything about some fandom, who need a quick blurb to understand a friend's rambling, or something more in-depth for that one epic fic you've been writing. FG is constantly under improvement, and we are always updating articles with newfound information.

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December 31st, 2030

03:15 am - [NEWS]


As reported a couple of days ago, our files have sort of scattered all over the place in the two years preceding this revival of FG. We have also discovered that Savefile.com, where kokura had been hosting our files, disappeared some time ago. Unfortunately, many of the files lost due to this misfortune were those that were from azranthea's hard drive or from kianoush, who we have thus far been unsuccessful in contacting. Nevertheless, we have been occupying ourselves the past few days in moving what files we can still collectively find to our website, so as to keep this from happening again. We're still working on entries, though, and Super Junior, Painted Skin, and BEAST entries (probably sans files) will be up later this week, gods willing.

[4:27 A.M.]
A new suggestion has been proposed by ljotr: to consider expanding the list of fandoms covered here first, by recruiting non-members of AIIKSTUKO who are familiar with different fandoms, and flesh out entries later, rather than the previous plan, which was to focus on entries already posted to LJ first, then on entries saved to disk, and finally to consider adding new fandoms in a steady stream. No official vote has been taken.
[5:11 A.M.]
tellervo has stated her opinion that FG should not have a closed membership while we work on entries, formatting, &c., feeling that "professionalism" of such a degree is unnecessary in a casual project. iniblack has stated her contradictory opinion that FG should not have opened up membership at any time, for the reason of Fandom at a Glance being linked directly to AIIKSTUKO despite the informality of the project itself. ljotr, iniblack, snowchild_urami, and allmenarescum have proposed linking the decision of this matter to ljotr's proposal - if membership is not to be opened, then non-member aid is not to be sought. Currently, tellervo's suggestion/opinion is supported by 2/7, and 3/7 support iniblack's; kokura is undecided, and azranthea is abstaining from judgement.
[10:58 P.M.]
No definite vote has been reached as of yet.


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